Tuesday, December 27, 2016

All the Bird Stuff I Got for Christmas

Once your relatives know you're a birder, you'll be getting tons of birds stuff every Christmas. It's great, mostly, and who am I to complain about anything anyway I'm getting free things from loved ones and everything's great. But still, one can only have so many bird calendars, you know? Like, one per year. 

Thankfully, my loved ones have great taste and a classy touch. Let me share with you the great bird-y things I got this year.

Let's start with my mom, who gave me a bunch of little goodies.

Some pretty postcards and a magnet. Nice.

A Charley Harper bird mobile! I will hang this above my bed maybe because I am a grown man.

A cute little birding journal that I can, like, write my notes in. Being completely honest, I will never use this because I am not 90 years old and it's not 1971, but it's a very nice little book and deserves to be filled with pretty memories and sightings.

Thanks, mom! You're great and beautiful and good at giving presents. 

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