Thursday, June 25, 2020

ABA Podcast and Portland Phoenix

Hey friends just cranking along in this coronavirus hellscape, taking it one day at a time and just trying to put my pants on the correct legs and feet into the correct Crocs. It's tough out there, but the birds are still flying. And I am here to see them talk nonsense about them.

I did some of that nonsense-talkin' this month on the American Birding Association's This Month in Birding podcast, also featuring my friends Purbita Saha and Ryan Mandelbaum. Was an honor to have been asked back, and had a predictably fun and funny conversation under the moderation of Nate Swick. Enjoy!

Also quickly wanted to remind folks of my monthly column in the Portland Phoenix, a great local newspaper in southern Maine with innovative design and, clearly, a great taste in writers. My latest is about The Best Thing You Can Do For Birds Right Now.

Be good! Be nice! See birds!

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