Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great American Birding Road Trip

Last Tuesday I left the lovely mountain town of Aspen, where I had been working for the winter, and began and epic journey across these United States back to my childhood home in Maine. Being an avid birder I could not resist the opportunity to pass through some of the country's most famous birding spots (during migration no less!), regardless of whether or not they were on a direct route to New England.

And so, loyal reader (haha), what is to follow will be the account of my journey. Over the next few days I will be writing about my experience at:
Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah
Coronado National Forest and Portal, Arizona
Lake Balmorhea, Texas
Pedernales Falls State Park, Texas
High Island, Texas
Dauphin Island, Alabama
Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina

I write these in the hopes that other birders will come across it when they google something like "birding" + "lake balmorhea" and thus be given lots of helpful information and not fall into some of the pitfalls that I fell into. THUS BEGINS OUR JOURNEY!

OK well actually not yet. There are some things I'd like to thank for helping me come though in one piece.

-My 2002 Subaru Legacy sedan. This car was my trusty steed throughout the entire journey and never let me down. Whether it was whipping around the dangerous dirt roads of the Coronado National Forest or driving endless miles of our nation's highways, I always trusted that my car was there. The $1200 worth of exaust repair right before the trip didn't hurt either.

-My copy of The National Geographic Guide to Birding Hot Spots. This book was indespensible when it came to figuring out where I should go and what birds to expect there.

-The Sibley Guide to Birds. What can I say? Everything I need to know.

-My American Map 2006 Road Atlas. Very comprehensive. Never led me astray.

OK that's over with LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN!


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