Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jerk Golfer in the News

John Henry "Tripp" Isenhour, a PGA tour golfer, killed a Red-Tailed Hawk by drilling it with a golfball.  

Whatever, dude. I'm not gonna flip out. This isn't one of those animal blogs that is gonna vilify this gent for killing a bird. I swat flies and trap mice. Killing a Red-Tail is a terrible thing to do, but I'm sure "Tripp" is genuine in his it's on the ESPN ticker so everyone who isn't directly related to this guy will forever only know Tripp Isenhour as "that guy who killed that bird."

Whatever, buddy, don't mess with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Also, a word of advice from a legal standpoint: Whether you intended to kill it or not doesn't matter. You intended to hit the balls, which any reasonable person could foresee killing the bird if hit. The only way you can argue that the killing was unintentional is if you didn't see the bird or if you somehow accidentally hit the ball without knowing it. You monster.


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