Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hiatus and Quote

To Whom it May Concern-

I will be very busy for the next two weeks working full-time in Augusta during the day and full-time on a law journal write-on competition at night, and will therefore not likely be able to post much. I just wanted to make it official so it doesn't look like I'm just lazy. I'll be back sometime soon after August 11 with posts about: Birds and Cape Wind, John Xantus and, hell, maybe and interview or two if people will friggin' respond to my inquests.

Anyway, thanks for understanding.

Love, Nick

P.S. I'll leave you with this nice quote (which is related to the journal writing I'll be doing) taken from testimony before the House Committee on Government Reform, May 16, 2002, from Representative Bob Barr (R-GA):

"We need some tough leadership from the Department of Defense. We need hard decisions that, while perhaps not politically correct, are correct when it comes to doing what is right for our men and women in combat. What is right is what will better prepare our warriors to win and survive on the battlefield, not limiting training so we don't run a risk of trampling blades of grass or upsetting the nesting habits of a cockamamie warbler. When things go wrong on the battlefield, people, and the importance of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act or the Noise Control Act pale in comparison."

Agree or disagree? I want an answer by the time I get back.


John B. said...

I think training is important, but it can probably be done in a time and place that will reduce its impact. The annual nesting season for most birds is fairly short.

(Of course, if I were running things, they wouldn't need training because they wouldn't be getting deployed.)

Bretthew Wezfolt said...


"Who cares how many species we kill in the the process of eradicating all dissimilar individuals?"

I've always felt human intentions are futile in comparison to the rest of the living world, and that makes me somewhat of a tree-humping PETA card-carrier.

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