Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birds at Large V: Just Don't Do It

Oh it's a classic. A classic! Watch, and listen, to the Nike commercial below.

Hear that noise around the :12 second mark, when Dirk's shot is in the air? What screaming call that must certainly have come from that Bald Eagle?

Whelp, it ain't. Every self-respecting birder/television-watcher knows that sound is produced by Red-tailed Hawks, not Bald Eagles. To those in Hollywood, though, the hawk call must sound a whole lot satisfying than the call of the eagle, because nearly every time I see a Bald Eagle in a commercial I hear that hawk call associated with it. It's become a canned noise, right up there in the ranks of legendary canned noises with the Mountain Dew Scream:


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