Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Few Gull Notes

First, big news.  I got a message today from local Audubon naturalist Eric Hynes.  He was looking at an unusual gull off Back Cove in Portland, possibly a California Gull.  By the time I was able to get back to Eric, the bird had been flushed by a dog-walker (curses!) and could not be relocated.  I checked a couple spots around the Cove to no avail.

Too bad, too, because after inspecting the photos Eric determined that it was not a California Gull but Maine's first recorded Mew Gull.  Check out some lovely pictures right here.  Congratulations, Eric.

Second, I've noticed a whole bunch of Thayer's Gulls being reported across the East Coast.  I've been looking at Thayer's Gulls, and, man, are they hard to tell from Herrings.  For some help, here is a real helpful webpage showing the differences between the two species.


John B. said...

Oy. I think the only way I'm likely to see a Thayer's is if someone points it out to me.

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