Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quick News and Notes

It's law school finals time, so I haven't been spending much time birding posting.  It sucks.  But I'm still working on some things for the near future, so don't give up!

First, from the world of Birds At Large:  Look, Gmail, if you're going to be reading my emails and subjecting me to targeted advertising, at least make sure the things are spelled correctly.  So, no, I am not looking for "Effective ways to keep Squirrels off Bird Feaders."

Second, I've got interviews in the works with the company that built the World Record bird feeder and Brian Sullivan from eBird, talking about potential changes in version 3.  Stay tuned for those.

Third, I'll be posting a guest post on 10,000 Birds in the next week or two about the bird-themed sports logos, a topic I'm way too interested in.  


John B. said...

I'll be interested to read the interview.

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