Saturday, January 10, 2009

Northern Hawk Owl - Bristol, Maine

Look, I started this site with the idea that I would post nothing but interviews.  Every other birding site I read was some variation on "Hey look at this bird I saw near my house," and I wanted to do something different.  

But, hey, look at this bird I saw near my house!

A Northern Hawk Owl!  Actually, I drove an hour to Bristol, Maine to find this lovely guy (or gal) and stood for half an hour in 10 degree weather looking at it.  Totally worth it, it was beautiful.  I also saw a Ruffed Grouse while I was there and got to spend an hour seawatching at Pemaquid Point afterwards.  Here are some pictures (I have more, but it was hard to tell when the bird was looking at me, and so most of the other in-focus pics are of the back of its head):

Also, not all bird blogs are lame, I'm just being a snob.  There are a ton of great, informational, in-depth sites out there that I hope someday to either emulate or destroy.  Emulate, mostly.  


John B. said...

When it comes to a bird like Northern Hawk Owl, I think a drive of only an hour qualifies as "near your house."

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