Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How To Find A New State Record

Step 1: Drive to a birding spot you haven't been before.

Step 2: Miss the turn for the parking lot you were supposed to get to.

Step 3: Turn down some random road to make a U-turn.

Step 4: Pause on the random road to scan a flock of geese.

Step 5: Make sure a pink-footed goose is the first bird you look at. 


There will be some more posts about this bird later, including one on whether or not I screwed it up!  I'm so glad it decided to stick around so others in MD could find it.


Dianne C., Humano-gaian said...

Lol! There you go! So much fun!

I believe, to see longspurs, around here anyway, you have to be driving about 45 kph on a narrow gravel road!

John B. said...

Wow, congrats!

Derek said...

Do you still plan to do a full write-up on the Pink-footed Goose? I'd love to read it.

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