Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birders: The Central Park Effect

I was finally able to watch the new HBO documentary about birding, Birders: The Central Park Effect, and I just want to say that it was lovely.  It's honest about birding and birders, it's environmental without being preachy, it's celebratory and it's fun.  It's basically the opposite of The Big Year, and, unlike that movie, it made me want to get outside and find some birds.

I've been engaging in some debate in the comment section of 10,000 Birds regarding an article about the movie written by Laura Helmuth that appeared on Slate.  I wrote most of those comments before even seeing the movie (not usually a good idea), but after watching it I feel even more strongly that Helmuth's piece was petty, unnecessary and sensationalist.  You can read my comments on there if you're interested, but my overall point is that Franzen echoes sentiments expressed by several others in the film, and if you leave Birders: The Central Park Effect thinking about anything other than how much you wish it were May 15, you've really missed out.


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