Monday, January 27, 2014

Birding With Others

Here's a chart I made to explain what it's like to bird with different people. [Click to enlarge] No judging, just explaining.  An audio snapshot of a point on the left side of chart would be like this:
"OK so like I'm looking at the third tree in, the one with that kinda like splits into two trunks right off the ground?  Do see that one?  Yeah it's like the third big one back there, not that little one with that yellow bunch of leaves or whatever those are, the biggish one.  Yeah OK so, like, up on the left side of the split trunk there's a branch that goes off to the left probably likeeee 25 feet up?  Like right horizontally off to the left, straight, and it's got...yeah there's that cloud - the only cloud - like right behind it right now.  Yeah that one with the cloud behind it.  Just to the left of that cloud is a bird on the branch, do you see that?  You do?  Awesome yeah that's the woodpecker, a downy woodpecker.  OK so downys look just like this other woodpecker, the hairy woodpecker, but you can tell this is a hairy by the..."
But a point on the right side of the chart sounds like:
"Yup I'm on it.  Yeah man you're right there it is.  Wow.  Awesome."
It's fun to bird with different people.  Birding with experts saves your voice. 


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