Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Photographer Todd Forsgren's Book Now Available

Todd Forsgren is the fantastic photographer whose vivid images of birds tangled in mist nets caused a bit of an internet stir a few years ago. I interviewed him about his images and his life birding in 2013.

At long last, Todd's mist net photos have been collected into a book called Ornithological Photographs, now out through Daylight publishing.  I urge all forward-thinking birders out there, all the hip birders, to pick up a copy. You may not look at birds again the same way.


Unknown said...

That's sorry as hell how bout sombody catches u I a net around ur dam neck an let's u hang long enough for few good pictures another example of a person who cares more about him self an profit than the animals that make his wrold spin just to hairlip!!!! To see it!!!!

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