Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Down with Humminghorse

I remember when Facebook was cool. I remember when it was all cool college kids posting pictures of parties. Now it's just America's goddamn Thanksgiving dinner table, with your dim aunt posting telling you about some newspaper article she saw and your dumb uncle talking loudly about politics and you just want to burn the whole thing down.

But, I mean, what are you gonna do? Not use it? Yeah, so I joined this group on these called Facebook Bird Misidentification Page. It's got like 5,000 members, and the point is that people try to be funny by posting pictures of, like, funny birds, or pictures with funny captions, or instances of misidentified birds in public, stuff like that.

Now, the misidentified birds stuff I've always loved. In fact, I've got a feature on this very internet webpage called Birds at Large where I make wiseacre remarks about that self-same topic, to a humorous result. The misidentification stuff on the FBMP is right up my alley.

The rest of the stuff - not so much.  It's a lot of aunt humor, and at least once a week - without fail - someone will post this:

The Humminghorse.

The aunt internet (aunternet?) finds the above meme irresistibly hilarious. Literally the funniest thing.  I picture them all like characters in a gigantic Cathy comic strip, all throwing a bunch of shoes in the air at the sight of it and screaming "Aaacck!"

The rest of the Facebook group, however, does not find it so funny, especially after its been posted nine million times. Looking today, it seems that the Admins have a policy of taking it down as soon as its posted. But other forms of resistance remain. There's a meme backlash.

A line has been drawn in the Facebook bird gentle humor world, with those who aren't hip to the lameness of the Humminghorse on one side, and those in the know on the other. 

I think the best parody so far was one posted today, a quick-turnaround combo-meme, playing off the earlier-this-week popularity of the Snowy Owl on the Traffic Cam video with a, you guessed it, Humminghorse on the Traffic Cam video.  Your move, aunts.


The humminghorse was freshly posted to the Facebook Bird Misidentification page the morning after this post was published.


Laurence Butler said...

Rip my eyeballs out and hurl them at Aunt Tilda in Tulsa with all my might.

NickL said...

comment review for Laurence's comment: 5/5 stars. Great work.

Unknown said...

Get off my lawn.

little_eiffel said...

The world is a far better place without Facebook. You should try it.

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