Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Sometimes on Twitter I enjoy compiling meaningless rankings of U.S. bird species. It fun nonsense, and it riles people up. I wanted to try to compile these tweets in one place, and so here we are.

Um OK I guess it's only four times I've done it? I thought it was more. Whelp, you'll know what to look forward to in 2017!


Laurence Butler said...

Dunno about the months but I actually agree with most of your rankings, 100% w/ Phoebes and Warblers.

but Northern rough-winger in 2nd place for Swallows? surely this is an error or a bribe?

NickL said...

Laurence - Re: NRWS, I just like the little buggers. They're cute, and shiny, and make little fart noises when they fly. What more could I ask?

Laurence Butler said...

Fair points. I always liked to relate the 'fart noises' to the sounds x-wing blaster make in Return of the Jedi.

Still, you could ask that they be a little more colorful. Don't even give me that "I'm color-blind" excuse.

Anonymous said...

oh come on i love the black phoebes i see them all the time, although honestly i think all birds are great

JR said...

June is 3rd on your months? Please explain. Mine would be something like: April/October>Dec/Jan/Feb>May>September>Jun/Jul/Aug>November/March. I hesitate to put Jul/Aug so low only because of shorebirds.

Oh, and Yellow-throated Warbler is for sure tops among -throated warblers.

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