Monday, July 22, 2013

Dumbness of State Birds: Visualized

A reader named Hannah D. has come up with a cool way to visualize the dumbness of state birds as laid out in my State Birds: What They SHOULD Be post. Check out the map below, and see what your states' "dumb score" is. Thanks, Hannah!


Bob Summersgill said...

DC doesn't count...again.

Jennifer said...

Aww, but the Slate version of your article said you were okay with Utah's state bird. Oh well. It's okay, seagulls, I still love you.

In fairness though, I think our state tree is the Colorado something, and I don't think there's a story behind that one, so maybe we're just dumb.

Chris Chutter said...

Love it, but South Dakota should be an 11. How could you possibly pick an Asian bird dumber than a grouse... oh it's all starting to make sense.

Unknown said...

Cactus Wren think about.... THE BIGGEST GOD DAMM WREN EVER. AMD YOU LET ONTHER STAE GET AWAY WITH IT!!!! But still good blog thumbs up :p

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