Thursday, June 7, 2012

Southeast Arizona 2012

I typically don't post trip reports, but Arizona was just too good not to.  My buddy Jake and I got over 170 species during the week, including many many lifers (he broke ABA 600 and I broke 550).  Instead of boring you with text, I'll just share some of the pictures I took. 

Northern Beardless-tyrannulet - Sycamore Canyon, AZ
Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet

Common Poorwill - Ruby, AZ
Common Poorwill

Five-striped Sparrow - California Gulch, AZ
Five-striped Sparrow

Violet-crowned Hummingbird - Paton's feeders, Patagonia, AZ
Violet-crowned Hummingbird


Thick-billed Kingbird - Sonoita Creek Preserve, Patagonia, AZ
Thick-billed Kingbird

Rufous-winged Sparrow - Florida Wash, AZ
Rufous-winged Sparrow

Red-faced Warbler - Mt. Lemmon, AZ
Red-faced Warbler

Yellow-eyed Junco - Mt. Lemmon, AZ
Yellow-eyed Junco

Blue-throated Hummingbird - Miller Canyon, AZ
Blue-throated Hummingbird

Bendire's Thrasher - Stateline Rd., Portal, AZ
Bendire's Thrasher

Botteri's Sparrow - Stateline Rd., Portal, AZ
Botteri's Sparrow

Northern Pygmy Owl - Portal, AZ
Northern Pygmy Owl

Spotted Owl - Miller Canyon, AZ
Spotted Owl

White-eared Hummingbird - Miller Canyon, AZ
White-eared Hummingbird

Plain-capped Starthroat - Montosa Canyon, AZ
Plain-capped Starthroat

Elegant Trogon - Madera Canyon, AZ
Elegant Trogon

Gray Hawk - Madera Canyon, AZ
Gray Hawk

Ash-throated Flycatcher - Stateline Rd., Portal, AZ
Ash-throated Flycatcher

Hepatic Tanager - Mt. Lemmon, AZ
Hepatic Tanager

Buff-breasted Flycatcher - Mt. Lemmon, AZ
Buff-breasted Flycatcher It was an absolute blast from start to finish. Good birding!


John B. said...

Your Yellow-eyed Junco looks positively demonic!

JM said...

Glad to hear the birds treated you well while you were here! Those are some sweet photos.

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